How much will we charge?

How much will we charge?

DM Cager Workplace Pensions cost per month

Costs in the calculator are inclusive of VAT

What do I get for my per month?

  • Simple online system that can be used with any payroll software

  • We send the statutory communications, assists with joiners and leaver’s and also administer Opt in’s and Opt out’s on your behalf

  • Contributions to the pension scheme are based on qualifying earnings and all employers schemes are postponed for three months

  • We provide a dedicated helpline as well as online Employer and Employee portals

  • We submit the Declaration of Compliance to the Pensions Regulator on your behalf

Once you have agreed the DM Cager Workplace Pensions charges and set up the following direct debit to meet these, you will be asked to complete a second direct debit for the collection of the contributions and our partner’s charge. You will receive this in the form of an email.

Partner's charges

Provider charge

The Creative Pension Trust charge is £21.50 +VAT per month. This charge is taken monthly to ease your cash flow.

Pension Fund charges

Scottish Widows will charge members of the Pension scheme an Annual Management charge of 0.4%. Pension Scheme variable monthly member fee of up to £2 per month which is taken directly from the member's pension pot.Pension scheme charges outlined above equate to an Annual Management charge of approximately 0.66% per annum which is within the current Governments Cap of 0.75% per annum.

Once you are happy to proceed, you will need to complete two direct debits, one now for the administration and one nearer the time of your Duties Date for collection of the pension contributions.

Are you exempt?

Some Employers are exempt from having to set up an Auto Enrolment pension scheme.

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Have you passed your duties date?

If your business has passed its duties Date, contact us to see how we can help.

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Terms of business

Agreement for DM Cager Workplace Pensions

This agreement has been established by DM Cager Workplace Pensions to provide services to the registered company as described below.
  • Definitions

    • ‘Registered company’, ‘you’ or ‘your’ means any person(s) or third party authorised by the Employer to use our website on their behalf.

    • ‘DM Cager Workplace Pensions’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ means DM Cager Workplace Pensions registered in England and wales, having its registered office at Prince Albert House, 20 King Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1DT

    • ‘Employer’ means the employer registering for use and using the Portal as well as our website.

    • ‘Portal’ means this online auto enrolment portal and ANY supplementary services provided alongside it.

  • Services to the registered company

    • Assisting with establishing a fully compliant Auto Enrolment pension scheme with the preferred provider, Creative Auto Enrolment.

    • Providing support on the operation of the scheme.

    • Continuing support via the help desk to ensure the scheme complies with Auto Enrolment legislation going forward.

  • Remuneration Arrangements

    • DM Cager Workplace Pensions have agreed with the registered company that remuneration for the above stated services will be made in the following way:

    • From Duties Date onwards, the registered company will pay £10 + VAT per employee per calendar month.

    • If the registered company terminates this contract within the first 36 months, they will be liable for the outstanding term payable as a lump sum within 30 days of said termination notice.

    • After 36 months, the £10 + VAT monthly retainer per employee will continue for the ongoing service and use of the portal provided by DM Cager Workplace Pensions on a ‘rolling basis’ with no ‘tie ins’.

    • After 36 months, if the registered company terminates monthly payment, DM Cager Workplace Pensions have the right to remove the registered company from our portal with immediate effect if no alternative payment is agreed by DM Cager Workplace Pensions and the registered company.

    • If the number of Employees employed by the registered company results in a lower cost at the schemes next anniversary date, the original cost will be maintained.

    • If the number of Employees increases to the next band, the cost of our service will increase to reflect this at the scheme’s next anniversary date. Note, Duties Date is used as the date from which anniversary date will commence from.

    • DM Cager Workplace Pensions will review the number of Employees of the registered company at the next anniversary date and communicate the revised remunerations (if any revisions are made).

    Any variation to the above terms will be notified to the registered company one month before any changes are made.

  • VAT

    • All fees applied to the registered company are classified as VATable services.

  • DM Cager Workplace Pensions is a trading name of DM Cager (Auto Enrolment) Limited.

  • Termination of this Agreement

    • Termination can be made to the agreement by either party giving 30 days notice to the other party. On cancellation of these terms by the registered company, any outstanding fees for the remainder of the 36 month ‘initial period’ will become payable as a lump sum within 30 days of said termination by the registered company.


    • I/We agree to the above service levels and costs and authorise DM Cager Workplace Pensions to act on our behalf in these matters.


Monthly payments will start from your Duties Date.

  • Duties Date